5 ways to better enjoy your concert experience

Going to a concert is usually one of two things. First, it can be a lot of fun. Second, it can be a nightmare if you’re not prepared and haven’t planned ahead. It’s usually up to the concert go-er which one they choose. There are limiting factors that do not allow for maximum enjoyment, and here’s how you can best limit the limiting factors and enjoy your experience to the max.


One of the biggest problems when going to a concert is the traffic. There are sometimes tens of thousands (or hundreds of thousands…. or close to millions, if we’re talking Woodstock lol) of people trying to get into a single venue or space. Sometimes that space is located inside a city with ample parking, but most times you’ll find concerts out in the open or in the countryside, outside city limits. So you have to have a plan when it comes to traffic. One suggestion is to somehow ride a train, a trolley, take a taxi or Uber, or ride a bike. That way you’ll completely miss the traffic.

Too Loud

Many concert goers complain of the music being too loud. I’ve been to plenty of concerts myself that are way too loud. They just have the music blaring and it’s just absolutely revolting almost that you’re having to damage your eardrums because of trying to listen to music. I don’t get it how you can almost be a 1/2 mile away (as I have been for some concerts) and still have ears hurting at the end.

No parking

To go along with problem number 1 of traffic, once you fight the traffic, you’re going to need a place to park. In larger cities, this usually isn’t a problem. In the big country venues, it’s not usually a problem either (if you don’t mind walking almost an hour to your car. As a quick side note, just a few weeks back I was walking with the owner of a concrete construction company ( his name is Jose and he is an avid music fan! his site is www.FresnoConcreteContractors.com (and by the way, he gave me a great way to help recover from a hangover!)  to a concert, and we had talked about how a particular place had absolute ZERO parking. So we just decided to walk almost 1.5 hours which we ended up covering the distance of about 5 miles, which was great because it saved us time in the end. Read More »

Why European music is the best in the world (sorry America!)

One main reason behind why European music has had such a strong influence all through the world, and why it is a refined accomplishment, is that after some time the primary function of the music whether custom, worship or dance bit by bit turned into a part of its style, not its defining force. Europe is where Western Civilization came out of. It all started here. Dance music was invented her for instance, and religious music autonomous of religious love were all invented here. And because every piece has so much internal coherence that the music, at last, relies on upon only itself.

Europe has an extensive and differing scope of indigenous music, sharing essential components in the country, voyaging or oceanic groups. Each individual country has it’s own type of music. you know what I’m talking about too. Scottish music sounds different than Polish music and different than german music. Societial music is implanted in an unwritten, oral convention, yet was progressively deciphered from the nineteenth century onwards. Classical composer utilized folk tunes, and folk has impacted some famous music in Europe.

Europe has additionally imported a wide range of types of music, for the most part from the United States, extending from Blues, Jazz, Soul, Pop, Rap, Hip-Hop, R’n’B, and Dance. The UK has been best in re-sending out this sort of music furthermore making its very own considerable lot kinds using striking developments including the British Invasion, the new flood of British strong metal that has been contrasted with Beatlemania and Britpop.

With such a variety of festivals to look over, music darlings are progressively traveling further away from home. Also, why not, when you could lose yourself under Iceland’s 24-hour midnight sun; while fog creeps over Bulgarian mountains; in turquoise shallows on the Dalmatian coast; or in a Polish plane shed?

Transform a music celebration into a holiday and, and additionally seeing a portion of the world’s best groups; you have the additional the reward of time spent recovering in a beautiful area or light hours loaded with new encounters.

The music festivals are Europe‘s ideal, offering incredible music in areas that warrant further investigation, whether that is in a city, the farmland or by the ocean.

Additionally, there are family-accommodating festivals for all ages, offering guardian satisfying acts, friars of the old order and kids’ workshops out in the British wide open. It’s a great time for all involved, because I’ve been to most of these festivals!

The greater part of the musical shows are in the main held in picturesque venues like Spain’s Mediterranean coast, Danube waterway of Serbia and in Stradbelly’s delightful moving slopes. These striking areas are for the most part chosen to set the disposition and charm individuals to the show. One who loves to listen to quality music ought to go to these intriguing destinations known for arranging music shows and shows in this landmass.Infrequently music festivals of Europe additionally incorporate a scope of different projects in writing, theater occasions, film, visual expressions, comic drama, and other social events. These sorts of projects are masterminded by coordinators to give an inside and out amusement to the group coming here. Some of these sorts of multi-social occasions are De Parade and Kwakoe celebration of Amsterdam.

Music shows of this place gives a one of a kind approach to spending a great summer night getting a charge out of the musical exhibitions by mainstream European craftsmen and DJs. Furthermore, these sorts of shows likewise give a profound understanding of the rich European society and convention. The European music scene is indeed one of the best and offers one of the best musical experiences of any region in the world.

European music festivals this summer and fall!

While contemplating about the summer and trying to decide where to go for that unforgettable vacation, why not consider a European festival? They offer great music and other forms of entertainment in a fun and relaxed environment. They are also an incredibly cheap way of enjoying a holiday, with camping often included in the price of the ticket.

Music festival


For those that are looking for one of the liveliest festivals, which attracts some big name acts, head to Benicassim. Found in Spain, just between the popular cities of Barcelona and Valencia, you will find Benicassim festival positioned in a beautiful beach town – the Costa De Azahar. This is another festival that only lasts a long weekend, and you can camp outside in the sunshine. The music is mainly a mix of indie, pop, and electronica across the central stages but with a variety of other different musical genres played at the many smaller tents around the campsite.


Croatia is a fantastic destination for a festival. It is in this idyllic country that you can find Outlook Festival. Based in a beautiful abandoned castle situated on the stunning blue waters of the Adriatic Sea you could not find a more picturesque location to dance the day and night away. Here you’ll find the best acts in the reggae, dubstep, drum and bass and grime genres. As well as the fantastic location and music scene there are also lots of boat and beach parties available.

Other events

With a huge range of festivals within Europe to choose from, you could never be stuck for an exciting destination. Every festival offers something different for every different music taste. A stay at one of these festivals will make your summer holidays unforgettable. If it’s pocket-friendly and cheerful, you’re after then maybe Melt Festival based in Berlin is right for you.

Some of the ongoing events include the following:

The United Kingdom – Edinburgh Fringe Festival August second – 26th

Happening each August in Scotland’s capital city, the Fringe is an exceptional accumulation of artists, both known and unknown. This three-week celebration incorporates theater, comic drama, move, physical theater, musicals, musical shows, music, displays, occasions and that’s just the beginning. From its beginnings in 1947, the Fringe has respected a wide range of classes and entertainers to participate.

GREECE Athens and Epidaurus Festival – one of the world’s most renowned showy occasion with dramatization, move, and music. Arranged at old theaters including the 2,000 years old open air Odeon of Herodes Atticus at the base of Acropolis Hill and the theater of Delphi. Area, area, area. Athens Pictures 1 June – 31 August

FRANCE, Festival de Musique de Strasbourg, a worldwide contemporary music celebration.

Saturdays May to September in various Rhine areas. TBC GERMANY, The Rhine in Flames, down the River Rhine from Linz to Bonn on summer evenings – a huge and astonishing facilitated firecrackers show from pontoons, stately structures, and the encompassing farmland. Germany Travel

For more information on musical events around Europe follow this link.


14 reasons why the Best European Band of All Time is the Beetles

The Beatles are essentially the best band ever. They have more achievements, accomplishments, and have won more awards than any other band in history. If you don’t believe that the Beetles are the Best, here’s 14 facts that may alter your opinion:

  1. To date, the Beatles have sold more than 1 billion records. That is billion, with a B.
  1. They have the most no. 1 collections in the British group diagrams (15), and 17 No. 1 hits.
  1. They hold the record for the gathering with the longest traverse between no. 1 collections in the Billboard collections – 36 years and 51 weeks since 1964 to 2001. In 2000 20 years after John Lennon was beaten and 30 years after they separated, their second major most prominent hits arrangement, 1, burned through eight weeks at no. 1 and sold 13 million duplicates in its first month of discharge.
  1. They brag 20 No. 1 hits in the United States, (19 No. 1 collections), with 24 back to back Top 10 hits from 1964 to 1976 (six years after they separated), a record for a gathering. They additionally have 12 no. 1 hits in Germany, 23 in Australia, 21 in the Netherlands, 22 in Canada, and 13 in Malaysia.
  1. According to the United World Chart, the Beatles have 16 of the 100 best tracks ever, furthermore seven of the 100 best collections ever.

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Best European Genres

Here at Pascal Bonnard we are all about giving you what you want: the best news and updates about the European music scene. First and foremost, we have to understand where music came from if we want to full appreciate it. And a lot of classical music came from Beethoven and Bach, as well as other wonderful procuders and composers.

Then came Jazz in the 1920’s out of New Orleans, which lead into Pop, Rock and Roll, 80’s stuff and then rap and hip hop and the current scene we have today. I’ll let this video do the talking for me though:

In just a few short minutes, you have the entire history of western music basically. And in our upcoming posts, we’ll keep it fun, we’ll keep it educational, we’ll keep you informed about music. We’ll give you a little history, and what we think about the European music scene- including concerts you must go to as well as events!