14 reasons why the Best European Band of All Time is the Beetles

The Beatles are essentially the best band ever. They have more achievements, accomplishments, and have won more awards than any other band in history. If you don’t believe that the Beetles are the Best, here’s 14 facts¬†that may alter your opinion:

  1. To date, the Beatles have sold more than 1 billion records. That is billion, with a B.
  1. They have the most no. 1 collections in the British group diagrams (15), and 17 No. 1 hits.
  1. They hold the record for the gathering with the longest traverse between no. 1 collections in the Billboard collections – 36 years and 51 weeks since 1964 to 2001. In 2000 20 years after John Lennon was beaten and 30 years after they separated, their second major most prominent hits arrangement, 1, burned through eight weeks at no. 1 and sold 13 million duplicates in its first month of discharge.
  1. They brag 20 No. 1 hits in the United States, (19 No. 1 collections), with 24 back to back Top 10 hits from 1964 to 1976 (six years after they separated), a record for a gathering. They additionally have 12 no. 1 hits in Germany, 23 in Australia, 21 in the Netherlands, 22 in Canada, and 13 in Malaysia.
  1. According to the United World Chart, the Beatles have 16 of the 100 best tracks ever, furthermore seven of the 100 best collections ever.

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Best European Genres

Here at Pascal Bonnard we are all about giving you what you want: the best news and updates about the European music scene. First and foremost, we have to understand where music came from if we want to full appreciate it. And a lot of classical music came from Beethoven and Bach, as well as other wonderful procuders and composers.

Then came Jazz in the 1920’s out of New Orleans, which lead into Pop, Rock and Roll, 80’s stuff and then rap and hip hop and the current scene we have today. I’ll let this video do the talking for me though:

In just a few short minutes, you have the entire history of western music basically. And in our upcoming posts, we’ll keep it fun, we’ll keep it educational, we’ll keep you informed about music. We’ll give you a little history, and what we think about the European music scene- including concerts you must go to as well as events!